UK TV Channels

TV channels in FranceWhat can you watch?

In principle, you will be able to watch all the channels that are available in the UK as both Free-to-Air and subscription digital satellite channels are available.

This will include all the BBC channels (TV &radio), all the ITV channels, Channel Four, Channel Five and all your usual favourites.

All subscription channels are also available with a suitable subscription card.

Sky Cards:

Sky have now replaced all their blue cards with a new, white version. The old blue cards have now being switched off.

We recommend that you remove your old blue card and re-start your digibox immediately.

Sky 'Freesat' Cards:

These cards give access to: Five, Five USA, Five USA +1, Fiver and Fiver +1 and Sky 3.

For those of you that cannot survive for any length of time without a daily dose of CSI Miami, New York or Las Vegas, you may want to buy a new Freesat card from Sky.

These cost £20.00 and are purchased directly from Sky. Please note that these cards are not sent out activated and a call to Sky will be required to arrange activation.

Please follow the link below to order your replacement card:-

If you dont want to buy a new FreeSat card it is possible to programme Channel Five into your Digibox as an “Other Channel”. If you need any help, please contact us and we will send you the instructions.

Subscription Cards:

Please follow the link below for current subscription card package details and prices:-

Please note that the box offers on this page are only abailable in the UK.

If you are paying Sky a subscription, you will automatically be sent a replacement white card to the last address Sky has registered for you. Those of you that have updated this information or who have made alternative arrangements will get your card in due course.

But please don’t forget that without a card, you will still be able to receive all the BBC’s, all the ITV’s and Channel 4, potentially Channel 5 and all the radio stations.

Latest information:

If you are thinking of upgrading your system or replacing your current ageing receiver, please contact us for availability and prices.

Foreign Language Channels: 

And a finally, if you have moved to France from countries other than the UK, Orbit have experience of providing TV for clients from Russia, Italy, Germany, Spain and Portugal. Most European countries have TV channels that are accessible with the right equipment and a correctly aligned satellite dish. If you would like more information about TV from a specific country, please call us.

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